RoundABOUT #2 with Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė * Zonzo Compagnie (4+)

Mini arena filled with dreamscapes


€ 9.1 Early Bird (?)

€ 13 Basic

€ 8 -12 years

€ 2.6 Uitpas discount / EDC

Unnumbered seats - club

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
15:00 End

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Mini arena filled with dreamscapes

Oh, what a horse. Oh, what a horse,
Oh, it's a very nice horse indeed
He filled his ears until the birds were all heard,
He rolled his eyes till the stars were all learned.

Translated Lithuanian folk song by R. Uzgiris

Multimedia arena with musical narratives from Lithuania

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė is from Lithuania and is an extraordinary musician. She travels the world with her Kanklės, a traditional Baltic stringed instrument. The music of her country is her starting point, but she likes to wander through other sound worlds while improvising and playing together.

For roundABOUT Indrė sings and plays songs with a story about an old legend or a fairy tale. Beautiful folk music with roots that go way back in time.


In roundABOUT you are not only literally in the heart of Indré's sounds, but you are also surrounded by visuals. Video artist Nele Fack imagines the stories from the songs and conjures up swans, deer, bees, wolves, fish, stars, trees and clouds, which pass by around you.

Director and choreographer Francesca Chiodi Latini maps out the route for this poetic experience, which takes you to a world where unique sounds and nature meet. A multimedia journey to enjoy together.

RoundABOUT #2 met Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė 

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė (kanklés, stem), Francesca Chiodi Latini (choreografie), Nele Fack (video), Bert Cools (geluid), Miguel Penaranda (kostuum design)

A Zonzo Compagnie production in collabortion with KAAP & Cultura. Supported by Hetpaleis & the Flemish Government.



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