Play Ground

International Conference - the Social Impact of Music Making

Conference around 'Music for social impact'

On 7 December 2022, PLAY GROUND joins forces with HOGENT, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ghent, in a conference centered around the international research project ‘Music for social impact’. Through talks, workshops, miniconcerts and network moments, the conference will shed a light on the individual musician’s perspective and experience in social music practices.

What is Play Ground

PLAY GROUND is a European cooperative project dedicated to the organization and improvement of music projects for children and youngsters from vulnerable backgrounds. The project serves as an international learning platform for musicians, cultural and community workers, music teachers and academics to exchange insights and inspiration on how to create high quality music projects that truly involve and include young people to experience the power and pleasure of making music, beyond social, cultural and language barriers.


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PLAY GROUND is coordinated by Ha Concerts (BE) in partnership with East Norway Jazz Centre (NO), Banlieues Bleues (FR), TAM (IT) and Fapte (RO) and is funded by EACEA – the European Education & Culture Executive Agency



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