Parcoeur #6 for families

Heartwarming performances and music 

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During Parcoeur, young people from music academies take young and old with them. They surprise with quirky performances of existing work, their own compositions and experiments with new technology. 

Heartwarming performances and music 

Image and sound, it is a symbiosis that can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. This sixth edition of Parcoeur focuses on the theme of "video".

What to expect

Students from various DKO classes create new music under both existing and self-created film images. A Parcoeur philosopher will take you on a trail throughout the building to discover the performances and installations.

Whether you're a fan of cinematography, new music, or just looking for an inspiring experience, this Parcoeur offers a dynamic mix of creativity and imagination anyway. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of sound and image, showcasing both visual and aural stories!

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i.c.w. Matrix, center for New Music



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