Osama Abdulrasol Ensemble: 'Rumi Passion' (première)

Season opener centered around a special encounter, with mystical music, dazzling dance and poetry


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19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert
21:45 End

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Season opener around a special encounter, with mystical music, dazzling dance and poetry

For 750 years, the writings of Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Rumi have continued to resonate. Many of his insights came through his encounter with the dervish Shams-e Tabrizi. It set him on an inner roller coaster that challenged him to let go of his knowledge and reach for a higher level. A tour de force that still captures the imagination today.

The Osama Abdulrasol Ensemble seizes upon Rumi's life's journey and his special connection with Shams for an all-encompassing spectacle, complete with a unique setting, dazzling dance and poetry.

Rumi Passion
Osama Abdulrasol (composition, qanun, oed), Farnoosh Khodadadeh (daf, vocals), Mevlüt Akgüngör (ney, tambour), Shabab Azinmehr (setar, vocals), Damla Aydin (cello), François Taillefer (multi-percussion), Khaled Al-Hafez (vocals), Işıl Bıçakçı (dance), Griet Desutter (word), Filip Standaert (direction)

Filip Standaert, Osama Abdulrasol and Farnoosh Khodadadeh (concept), Alexander Ronsse (scenography and lighting design), Jonas Slaats (theologian and consulting dramaturgy), Inge Coleman (costumes)

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Osama Abdulrasol

Osama Abdulrasol is a composer, producer, canoeist and visual artist. Born in Babylon, he studied Western music (classical guitar) in the United Kingdom and Eastern music (canoeing or Arabic lap harp) in Iraq. In his numerous projects for film, theater and music, you can always hear his rich background, with influences from Arabic, Jazz, experimental, Indian, Turkish bands and more.

Last seasons he composed for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and around Flemish Masters, 'Rumi Passion' is his next tour de force. It promises to be a true masterpiece.

A co-production of Ha Concerts and De Centrale, Cluster, Voem and Traders in Ideas.
With the support of the City of Ghent, Flanders and the Tax Shelter measure.
photo © Theatech



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