Misia: ‘Animal Sentimental’

'La grande dame' of fado


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'La grande dame' of fado


Within fado, Mísia is undoubtedly a great voice. Over the past 30 years, she breathed new life into the genre. She added new instruments and timbres to the tradition and immersed herself in texts by the great Portuguese poets. It gave her an international career.

With Animal Sentimental (2022, Galileo Music) she looks back with a new album as well as a book.
For the album she made a selection from her rich repertoire, rearranged with new soundscapes, alongside new work written especially for this project. It forms the soundtrack for the book, where personal stories alternate with poetry and humor, as well as tragedy.

Mísia (vocals), Fabrizio Romano (piano), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar), João Filipe (fado guitar)

'If you love words and mischief, you can't help but love Gainsbourg. I am very happy to have been asked for this project, which is not obvious: singing Gainsbourg with a big band and beautiful arrangements, and that as a woman. An amazing challenge!

Camille Bertault

In addition, we must not forget that sexism still exists, in obvious and not so obvious ways, hidden in work processes or in the way it is communicated.

Anthe Huybrechts



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