Louise van den Heuvel: ‘Sonic Hug’ (albumrelease)

A firm groovy embrace


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A hearty groovy embrace

The Dutch Louise van den Heuvel is on an unstoppable rise. For her own band, she selected musicians who are each currently leaving their mark within the Belgian jazz scene. If you want to know what is happening NOW, then Sonic Hug is the place to be.

As a laureate at Jong Jazztalent Gent (Gent Jazz), Van den Heuvel stood out with the genre-shattering Dishwasher_. And it didn't stop there, with passages with Pregnant Guy and Lander Gyselinck, and with such luminaries as Bruno Vansina, Teun Verbruggen and Stéphane Galland.
For Sonic Hug, she beckons to the Far North, with bands like ADHD for inspiration and no doubt plenty of groove. And with imagination, it's hard to do otherwise with these musicians. A concert to look forward to!

Louise van den Heuvel: 'Sonic Hug'
Louise van den Heuvel (bass guitar, voice, compositions), Hendrik Lasure (keys - schntzl, An Pierlé Quartet, solo), Sam Comerford (reeds - Thunderblender, hot bath, Augusto Pirodda), Daniel Jonkers (drums - Profound Observer)

WERF Records and JazzLab are celebrating their 30th anniversary together with three tours/albums for which they are joining forces. One of them is with bassist Louise van den Heuvel, a great talent of Belgian jazz who is turning out with a haunting new project.



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