Lara Rosseel Orchestra: ARK

'Ethnic acoustic jazz'

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19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert
21:45 End

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'Ethnic acoustic jazz' on the ark

Lara Rosseel's dream project is to enrich her Octet and Quintet with a string quartet and oboe. The compositions of De Grote Vrouw (2020) and Hert (2022) in a new, even more cinematic form. As such, the grooving, warm music of this rising star will be translated into a lush Panavision format.

Lara Rosseel Orchestra - ARK 
Lara Rosseel (double bass, electr. bass), Sep François (percussion, vibraphone, marimba), Vitja Pauwels (guitar), Robbe Kieckens (percussion), Jan Van Moer (trumpet), Joppe Bestevaar (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Stefan Bracaval (flute), Frederik Heirman (trombone), Eva Debruyne (oboe), Jeroen Baert (violin), Amèle Metlini (violin), Marijn Thissen (viola), Aya Pribylovskiy (cello)

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I always have lots of ideas, but I have long nurtured the desire to play cinematic music with a larger band. I am going to re-arrange the music of The Great Woman and Deer with strings, but I also want the horns to be able to approach the music just as freely. That's the strength of the big band, that the horns can do their thing.

Lara Rosseel about ARK

photo (c) Pascal Garnier



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