Klankennest: 'Mammoet' (5 - 24 months)

Life-size music mobile

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€ 13 Child with 2 guardians max

14:00 Doors
14:30 Concert

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Sa 01.04.23 at 14h30, 15h4517h00
Sun, 02.04.23 at 09h0010h15, 11h30

Life-size music mobile

Step inside a tender and playful musical performance that becomes a magical playground for the youngest to freely and comfortably feel, rest, look and play. Sometimes there is movement, sometimes there is sound. Sometimes silence, sometimes stimuli. A soft, safe coccoon tinkered with sound and rhythm where the little ones can dream away.

Klankennest invites young children and their parents to experiment and engage in dialogue with music, sound, stimuli and visual art. For an optimal experience, each child is accompanied by one adult.

Liesbeth Bodyn (concept, vocals), Jeroen Van Der Fraenen (concept, scenography), Evelien Verhegge (textile design), Tine Allegaert (trumpet, percussion, vocals), Tchi-Ann Liu (dance)



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