Jef Neve: 'That Old Feeling' (album release)

New album with fiery vocalists

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New album with fiery vocalists

A good bottle of wine, good food, among friends, some candlelight, in short, conviviality and everything that makes life worth living, that's That Old Feeling. With this new album, Jef Neve and his band unleash their own work as well as well-known and lesser-known songs; from Damien Rice to Marvin Gaye and Paul Simon.

This is performed live in a fantastic way, with the incomparable singers "Mo" (Monique Harcum, USA/BE) and Sam Merrick (UK), the warmest voices you've heard in ages. Add to that a strong rhythm section and Jef's musical brother, Teus Nobel on trumpet, and let that gang be driven by the man whose fire and passion bursts from the piano, and you will soon understand what is meant by That Old Feeling.

The album 

Besides the tour, there is also the album, for which Jef collaborated with a bevy of incredibly strong vocalists, ranging from Madeleine Peyroux and Trijntje Oosterhuis to Johnny Manuel and the amazing Joss Stone. A musical tour de force.

That Old Feeling
Jef Neve (piano), Monique Harcum (vocals), Sam Merrick (vocals), Nathan Wouters (bass), Jens Bouttery (drums), Teus Nobel (trumpet)

photo © Filip Meutermans



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