Intergalactic Lovers: 'Liquid Love' / support: Robin Kester

Long-awaited comeback

standing places

19:00 Doors
20:15 Robin Kester
21:15 Intergalactic Lovers
22:45 End

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Long-awaited comeback

After several tumultuous years off the stage, Intergalactic Lovers is back, dark but danceable. With their glorious and acclaimed fourth album Liquid Love, they are once again cashing in on their place in both the Belgian and international scene.

'Ominous whispers, gentle cries and a soundtrack that manages to underline the perfect melancholy' says De Morgen, and that is no lie.

Support: Robin Kester

If fear keeps you from doing things, your world becomes smaller. Overcoming that fear by courting new, sometimes unnerving situations is the premise of Honeycomb Shades, the debut album by Dutch recording artist and musician Robin Kester.

Kester’s experimental pop exudes a hazy euphoria and dark tension: the thrill of your synapses firing on all cylinders before turning into fully-formed thought.

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