Hydrogen Sea: 'Creature Comforts' (album release)

Sweet new single and long-awaited third album


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Sweet new single and long-awaited third album

Candy is the first, deliciously addictive single from Hydrogen Sea's new album due out in the fall. The fresh and catchy vocals, playful drums, guitar and percussion deliver an exuberant ode to what evokes pleasure and comfort in the world. Hydrogen Sea aims for joy, lightheartedness and hope but never underestimate the turmoil that rages beneath the surface.

Working with producer Luuk Cox, Candy sounds effortlessly bright and beguiling. What a salutary and sunny start to spring.

The Brussels-based band Hydrogen Sea is Birsen Uçar and PJ Seaux. They have already released two successful albums: In Dreams (2016), Automata (2019) and two EPs: Court the Dark (2014), Symbiosis (2021). Songs like "Wear Out," "Beating Heart," "Run" and "Flogsta" were played gray on Radio 1 and Studio Brussels.

photo © Eva Vlonk



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