Hopfrog Fanfare: 'KadanZ' (6+)

Absurd orchestra in a crazy dream world

Absurd orchestra in a crazy dream world

The Hopfrog Fanfare inhabits an "Alice in Wonderland" dream world with bizarre game rules in the midst of a sports competition, a concert and a ritual.

Be enchanted by a tantalizing game of live music, choreography and absurd theatrical imagination.

During their performance, the musicians search time and again for ways to interact with each other and the audience. But every attempt seems to fail. It is even dangerous and forbidden. When all hope is lost and they are about to give up, an unexpected way out emerges from an unexpected quarter.

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Photo  © Diego Franssens

A performance by TROMP vzw in coproduction with Perpodium vzw and in collaboration with CC Berchem. With the support of the Flemish Community and the tax shelter of the Belgian government through Cronos Invest.



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