Frenk de Slak (5-12 years): 'Tempo'

Hip-hop show for the whole family


€ 9.1 Early Birds for grown ups (?)
€ 13 Basic for grown ups
€ 8 -12 years
€ 2.6 Uitpas kansentarief / EDC


standing places

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
14:50 End

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Hip-hop show for the whole family (in Dutch)

Frenk is a happy funky snail who enjoys life. He lives in the now and is absorbed in the moment. He takes time for everything. A lot of time. A lot of time. This also has its downsides, but Frenk has thought of something for that. Frenk has a message for everyone. The more often you listen, the more you hear.

In this full-fledged hip-hop show, icon and standard-bearer of Dutch hip-hop Rico (Opgezwolle) serves up mud-fat beats and sharp lyrics on family size. To do so, he collaborates with producer/musician Dries Bijlsma (Typhoon) and theater producer Nienke van der Ploeg.

Rico: "There finally had to be a hip-hop show that is interesting for both parents and children. Because how cool is it to go to a hip-hop show with your kids? There will probably be parents in the audience who experienced the Opgezwolle era. They can taste the atmosphere of those days and share it with their child."

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Frenk de Slak is a production of Hedon Talent Support with contributions from Fonds Podiumkunsten and the VSB fund.



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