Frank Vander linden: 'singer/guitarist'

Solo full of stories


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Solo full of stories

A man puts on his coat and hits the road. He takes his guitar and travels to a place where people come to listen to his songs and stories. He has been doing this for years, usually with The Man, but sometimes, as in 2009 and 2018, and now in 2023, all by himself.

Under his arm are some covers (by De Mens and others), but mostly songs from his solo albums Frank Vander linden ("In the waltz room") and Nachtwerk (with the classic "I thought of a woman"), and certainly from a piece to be released in 2023.

Without The Human, Frank Vander linden writes and plays more thoughtfully. The lyrics get even more attention, the flowing guitar work jumps to the fore. The audience can laugh and cry. One man, his guitar, his music. Intensity guaranteed.



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