Foyer Matinee: Wannes Cappelle & Nicolas Callot

Mozart in West Flemish

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€ 5 -12 years old
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Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:00 Doors
11:00 Concert
12:00 End

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Mozart in West Flemish

After their poetic West Flemish translation of Schubert songs, Wannes Cappelle (Het Zesde Metaal) and pianist Nicolas Callot return. It tasted like more. For their next project, they stay in Vienna but dive further into history: the songs of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are on the menu.

Just as Mozart dared to adapt the texts of great poets like Goethe to music, Wannes puts the songs to his hand where necessary and the texts continue to speak to a contemporary listener. In this intimate setting, Nicolas Callot accompanies Wannes masterfully on a pianoforte from his own collection.



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