Foyer Matinee: Nils De Caster and Sara De Smedt


€ 10,5 Early Bird (?)

€ 15 Basic

€ 5 -12 years

€ 3 Uitpas Reduction / EDC

Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:30 Doors
11:00 Concert

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One of the finest Americana records of the past corona period is undoubtedly It Takes A Believer by Nils De Caster and Sara De Smedt. On this Sunday morning they present a taste of their second throw Take This Stone.

In the cocoon of lockdown, the duo created a vinyl-worn ode to love, written and shaped by two people who know what they're talking about.

This past summer, somewhere deep in the High Fens, the follow-up was recorded. With a group of people who, besides being very fine musicians, are also, and perhaps above all, friends. Take This Stone has everything to warm our hearts.

Nils De Caster (guitar, vocals), Sara De Smedt (vocals), Bart Vervaeck (guitar, pedal steel), Ht Roberts (bass, banjo), David Broeders (drums, percussion), Leander Meuris (clarinet)



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