Foyer Matinee: Lara Rosseel x Laura Cortese x Dani Aubert

Cinematic American folk

Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:30 Doors
11:00 Concert
12:00 End

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Cinematic American folk

For this new trio, artist in residence Lara Rosseel gathers two American talents around her. Together with songwriters Laura Cortese and Dani Aubert, she will explore a morning full of jazz and folk influences, humor and stories. 

With her California roots, skills on her 5-string violin and golden voice, the now Ghent-based Laura Cortese (Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards) melts hearts and souls. Dani Aubert (Fellow Pynins) excels in storytelling, both through her singing and on banjo or bouzouki. She draws her lyrics from her family life in the middle of the Oregon wilderness, among other things. Good for intimate, raw and honest music.

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