Foyer Matinee: Damast Duo (album release)

Sparkling Sunday morning 


€ 17 Basic price
€ 5 -12 years
€ 3,4 Uitpas reduction / EDC

Unnumbered seats - foyer

10:30 Doors
11:00 Concert
12:00 End

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Sparkling Sunday morning 

For their new album Bear Hunt, violinist Shalan Alhamwy and accordionist Jonas Malfliet set out to find points of light in the darkness. Like, for example, at the lockdown, when families on walks were surprised by bears behind windows. Together we can overcome even the most difficult times.

On the album you can hear, among other things, a heated discussion between two Serbs, a nostalgic reverie about standing on one's own two feet, a Jewish lullaby sung by Mich Walschaerts and Brazilian grooves with an Arabic perfume. 

Come discover it at this Foyer Matinee, where the musicians are happy to talk a little more about the music, with humor never far away. 

photo © Filip Verpoest



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