Flat Earth Society ft. René Lussier

Cheerful fireworks with barbs


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19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert

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Cheerful fireworks with barbs


You know Flat Earth Society as a flagship of shepherded jazz. In their third decade, they remain the ideal partner for deliciously unreliable music, full of absurd perspectives and blood-curdling twists and turns.

For their next stop, they hook up with wide-ranging no-holds-barred guitarist René Lussier. He joins them from Quebec and it is already going to be a party.

... Allô René, ça fait longtemps - Wim Wabbes and so on and we get to tinker together again, on a full concert this time, oui oui répertoire de soir complèt in the Ha in Ghent and far beyond with not one guitar but two and all the FES-meute et on écrit and we write and rewrite each other - y a de la fête and also a dark beast or two three thirty-four and slow and fast and in between songs that stink or smell good depending on the noses sur scène ou dans la salle. We already provide some good titles, c'est un bien bon commencement, allez ciao René, allô ? Prrrr ...

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