De Beren Gieren: 'What Eludes Us' (album release)

Seventh album of electro-acoustic jazz


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Seventh album of electro-acoustic jazz

Two and a half years after their acclaimed last release Less Is Endless, The Bear Vultures have finished their seventh full album. What Eludes Us is an ode to what eludes us. And what we consciously want to look away from.

For this new full album they crawled into a dusty recording studio in Bergen, Norway with the celebrated and mysterious producer Jørgen Træen (a.o. Jaga Jazzist). He lurked over the imperfections and jammers as a guiding force behind the adept playing of this electro-acoustic jazz trio.

The result appears to be compelling music with transporting rhythms, bright melodies and uninhibited electronics in a way that surprises even them. How did this happen so suddenly? What Eludes Us will be released on March 29, 2024 via Sdban Ultra.

De Beren Gieren
Fulco Ottervanger (piano, fx, synths), Lieven Van Pée (double bass, el. bass), Simon Segers (drums, fx)

photo © Francis Vanhee



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