Bright Lights Sessions #20 Deluxe

a melting pot of as many as 20 songwriters


€ 10.5 Early Bird (?)
€ 15 Presale / € 8 student
€ 18 Box office / € 11 student
€ 3 Uitpas discount / EDC



Unnumbered seats - club

19:00 Doors
20:15 Concert part 1
21:15 Break
21:30 Concert part 2
22:30 End

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This is a concert within the celebratory series of 20 years of Ha Concerts. Throughout the season, we bring together different artists and genres in new creations and look back nostalgically as well as far ahead.

A melting pot of songwriters

Within the high regions of pop, rock, folk and indie, songwriters often sit alone at the writing table. Bright Lights Sessions brings them together in a vessel full of cross-pollination and musical magic. After a day of inspiring jams, the stage of fun follows in the evening.

In this ecstatic free haven, different musicians bring their songs every edition. Together with the backing band, new, sultry versions of their songs quickly grow. For our 20th anniversary, this edition we present no less than 20 musicians on stage! 


  • An Pierlé 
  • Frank Vander Linden (De Mens)
  • Nathalie Delcroix & Bjorn Eriksson
  • Laura Cortese (Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards)
  • Simon Raman (RAMAN)
  • Muriel Boulanger (MURI)
  • Caitlin Talbut (BLOND)
  • Kapinga Gysel and the youth choir Mais Quelle Chanson
  • Kunde 
  • Brenda Corijn (Ão)
  • Chantal Acda 
  • Rosa Butsi 
  • Michiel Libberecht (Mooneye)
  • Sumnima Setling (Amazumi) 

    Backing band
    Jan Dhaene (drums), Trui Amerlinck (bass), Alban Sarens (synth & sax), Cleo Janse (keys)
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