Boomtown: H.A.R.A.L.D, WLC & Lathouwers, Omar Dahl and José Noventa

by Well-Being Klub

Welcome to the Well-Being Klub


€ 16 Presale / € 19 Box office
€ 4 rent mat

17:30 Doors
18:00 H.A.R.A.L.D
20:00 WLC & Lathouwers
21:00 Omar Dahl
22:00 José Noventa
23:00 End

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Welcome to the Well-Being Klub

Founded by Lauren (Journey of Yoga), Thomas & Brecht (Roundabout Agency) and Cedric (Sonhouse), The Well-Being Klub offers music lovers a balanced lifestyle. They do this by connecting DJs, musicians and music lovers with a healthy lifestyle.

On Saturday, July 20th from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. you can enjoy live and DJ sets as well as a virtuous exercise in "circular breathing" with one ticket. 


18:00 - H.A.R.A.L.D

As a house producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, H.A.R.A.L.D manages to breathe life into his beats. From mesmerizing notes on his ceremonial hurdy-gurdy to pumping beats, his raw energy, animated vocal lines and cutting bass lines turn the dance floor into sacred ground.

The audience can expect a collective and vibrant experience. H.A.R.A.L.D. has been touring Europe since 2022. With passion, skill, technology and love he opens a new world.

20:00 WLC en Lathouwers

WLC is a Belgian harmonizer with Mexican roots. He dedicates his life to music as DJ, producer, founder of the WeZienWel label and organizer of Curfew. A citizen of the world, so to speak, who knows the recipes for nocturnal escapades and irresistible DJ sets. He has played in venues such as Sisyphos, Fuse, Kompass Klub, La Cabane and Ampere. And we heard him at Studio Brussels, Red Light Radio, Kiosk or Operator. Festivals like Garbicz, Dimensions, Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoors, Curfew and Sziget also like to see him. 

Lathouwers was drawn to the music scene as a child. As a photographer he photographed stars, as a musician he drummed in countless Belgian venues. After 20 years of rock 'n' roll, underground clubs and festivals, he decided to strike out on his own. With previous residencies in Mexico at Radio Tulum and Naked Hotel, and appearances at festivals such as Hungary's Balaton, Lathouwers is ready to expand his horizons. From funky to dirty, from funny to groovy.

21:00 Omar Dahl

Omar Dahl brings a mix of electronic music backed by live synths. A fluid set complemented by wind and string instruments that infuse the danceable beats with sultry melodies, with influences from the Arab world and the Balkans. They leave the beaten path and explore the musical territory between acoustic and electronic, between dance and chill, between East and West. Saxophone and clarinet, violin and guitar provide the danceable beats with sultry melodies.

Omar Dahl is for all the night owls who like to dream on atmospheric music. Think Stavroz or Four Tet and you get an idea of the destination.

22:00 José Noventa 

José Noventa is a nomad with a colorful soul and a rebellious spirit. His quirky attitude and adventurous spirit bring big smiles wherever he goes. Music is his main language, a tool he uses to reach straight to your heart. With a broad musical background, he creates a unique underground vibe that resonates deeply. José translates his life experiences into electronic melodies, building solid structures and connecting people all over the world.

Records and vinyl are his passion, while he immerses himself in computers and synthesizers like a true musical scholar. In the music studio, far away from fashion and trends, he forges a sound that ranges from house, deep house, disco, downtempo and electronica to world music, hip-hop, soul, funk and dub. 

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