BeraadGeslagen: 'Altijd Bewust Bewegen' (albumrelease)

Fancy electro jazz


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Fancy electro jazz

BeraadGeslagen is back! Fulco Ottervanger and Lander Gyselinck, you remember them from their debut album Duizeldorp which included cult classic 'Isabellade'. Nowadays they serve you 'Tennisles', the first song from the album Altijd Bewust Bewegen (release Oct. 27, '23).

On this album, the duo goes in search of movement reasons. Once again, the two improvisational athletes stretch gracefully between the limits of gravity. 

Admiration for movement culture takes them from gym to racetrack, from apps to abs. A breaststroke here, a backhand there. An aimless goalkeeper musing on a distant acquaintance. From village to town and back, the tandem rustles at French speed to tennis lessons. Altijd Bewust Bewegen (Always Move Consciously) is not Never Stop at Nothing. Talk about it with your coach.

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photo © Tina Herbots



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