Ben LaMar Gay

Hip jazz from Chicago

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Hip jazz from Chicago

Cornettist Ben LaMar Gay is like a human kaleidoscope. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, he pops loose through musical boxes and is not averse to social engagement. This places him at the center of the Chicago jazz renaissance.

He also released his second album Open Arms to Open Us on the captivating jazz label International Anthem, where other gems such as Angel Bat Dawid, Jaimie Branch, Makaya McCraven and Alabaster dePlume find their place.

On his record, you can hear influences from jazz to R&B and hip-hop, and he seeks an answer to what he can leave behind for "the young people in his life" when it comes to "crumbling societal facades." He finds the answer in rhythm, "the only authenticity that travels great distances and constantly survives."

Ben LaMar Gay 
Ben LaMar Gay (cornet, vocals), Will Faber (guitar), Matthew Davis (keys, sousaphone), Tommaso Moretti (drums)

Sounds simultaneously like … Bitches Brew, hip-hop, New York experimental math rockers Battles, Kid A, raga, samba, free jazz, D’Angelo, and the chipmunk-ed vocals employed by rave producers.


"LaMar Gay worked with Makaya McCraven and was a cornerstone on Jamie Branch's Fly or Die. It's a real storyteller, both on cornet and with spoken word."

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