Bel Ayre Quartet: ‘Songs of Travel’

Around the world in song

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Around the world in songs

With Bel Ayre, singer Lieselot De Wilde and guitarist Peter Verhelst surprise with new interpretations of songs from unexpected quarters. In "Around the world in 72 songs," De Wilde gleaned a colorful collection; from a Moroccan declaration of love and African protest to an ancient and catchy folk tune from Iran.

Accompanied by Seraphine Stragier and Farnoosh Khodadadeh, they knit a refreshing sequel to this worldly tale.

They also consider travel itself. For just what do we want to explore and in what way is it all still feasible and responsible? Let yourself be carried along along the how and why of travel desire, using songs from all corners of the world.

Bel Ayre Quartet
Lieselot De Wilde (vocals, barrel organ), Peter Verhelst (guitar, oed, shruti box), Seraphine Stragier (cello, harp, yayli tanbur, vocals), Farnoosh Khodadadeh (daf, vocals)

Songs of Travel was created with the support of the Flemish Government and the City of Ghent.

Foto © Mingus Fannes

Foto © Kurt Van der Elst



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