Bablief? (6+)

On a quest in a language labyrinth

Early Birds

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€ 8 -12 years
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Unnumbered seats - theater

14:00 Doors
15:00 Show Rabotateliers 
15:15 End show 
15:45 Bablief?
16:00 End

At the show Rabotateliers you can see what children picked up in our weekly music workshops in Toreke. These take place in collaboration with Kopergietery.

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This show is partly in Dutch

On a quest in a language labyrinth

What if your little brother suddenly disappears? You go looking for him, right? But what if on your journey you end up in an old painting? And you have to make your way there through a labyrinth of corridors, stairs and rooms? And everyone you meet on your way speaks a foreign language?

Luckily, Jasmin is very resourceful, and she tries all kinds of ways to talk to the children she meets. With words, gestures and lots of music, a communication is established with the inhabitants of the painting. And will she find her little brother again? Come and see!

All the colors of Babel

During the performance, the painting "The Tower of Babel" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder forms a fairy-tale moving backdrop. The projection incorporates images of children speaking different languages, created through theater workshops with a class of non-native newcomers from De Mozaïek elementary school in Ghent.

Hilde De Clercq and Osama Abdulrasol (acting, concept and music), Craig Weston (final direction)

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With the support of the City of Ghent and Ha Concerts



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