Ansatz der Maschine: 'Tunguska'

New album and the last farewell 

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This last concert of the final tour will be an extra big party, to which additional musical friends will be invited later. Lineup tba.

New record

In 1908, on the banks of the Siberian River "Tunguska," the largest explosion ever measured took place. Eighty million trees were destroyed over an area of 2150 km2, but the impact crater was never found. Therefore, it remains a mystery what exactly happened.

This haunting event inspired Ansatz der Maschine to write an album about how time and space can simultaneously have a gigantic, but also only a very relative impact. An album that also focuses on the unstable moment of falling itself, the intense moment when you are completely at the mercy of the force of nature and you are not in control of your own destiny.

Farewell after 20 years

After 20 years and a lot of unforgettable club/festival shows and tours, Ansatz ends their warm story in beauty. The album features not only a lot of new songs but also reworkings of old iconic songs, some of which became "Duyster" classics.

In their characteristic way, they create an alienating and soft fairy-like world where field recordings and samples merge with classical instruments in a harmonic chaos - like how things are in nature or in life too. 

photo © Ward Dhoore
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