Allez, Chantez! * spring

Ambient sing-along session for the whole class


€ 6 per student elementary school (-12 years)

Per 10 students 1 free supervisor
30 day cancellation period


Unnumbered seats - theater
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Ambient sing-along session for the whole class

At Ha Concerts, the singers of Allez, Chantez! guide hundreds of enthusiasts through beloved pop classics every month. For their school program, they created a customized singing party for children from first to fourth grade.

From self-made songs to well-known tunes: Allez, Chantez! guarantees a sparkling show full of singing and dancing fun for the whole class.

After the livestream edition, Allez, Chantez was able to perform their show in front of a room full of children. Nothing but happy faces, elated dancing and singing and enthusiastic cheering along.

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