Akke Akke Tuut * 4Hoog (3+)

Musical cabaret for preschoolers

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Numbered seats - theater

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
14:45 End

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Musical cabaret for preschoolers (in Dutch)

Lander's grandpa has never seen the sea.
Not even in his dreams?
In his dreams he did.
Every night.
Every night with his feet in the water.
With his hands in the sand.
With his eyes in the sun.
Lander's grandpa has never seen the sea.

Some 30 years ago, two young dogs started a cabaret duo called Kommil Foo. Akke Akke Tuut was one of their first shows. Mich and Raf Walschaerts, together with Stef De Paep are directing a brand new version of this theater classic. Performed by Thomas Van Caeneghem and Lander Severins.

Akke Akke Tuut
Raf Walschaerts, Mich Walschaerts, Stef De Paepe (direction and scenography), Lander Severins and Thomas Van Caeneghem (acting), Thomas Van Caengehem (music), Dorine Demuynck (costumes)

Peter Van Hoof and Kris Van Oudenhouve (technique), Koen Bellens Technical (coordinator), Maaike Scheltjens (production management)

Photo (c) Michiel De Vijver




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