Aka Moon & guests: ‘Quality of Joy’

The world on your plate - 30 years of jazz in connection


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The world on your plate - 30 years of jazz in connection

In 2022, Aka Moon celebrated 30 years of discoveries, travels and encounters with their 24th album Quality of Joy. This now legendary trio always had a kind of centrifugal power. They sharpened it through collaborations around the world, on all continents.

Multiculturalism has since become a daily reality. The trio grew along in the (artistic) blending of cultures, mainly by working hard, transcending uncertainties and taking risks.

Today, Aka Moon is a point of reference: a band that invites self-development and strength, preferring the unexpected to the conventional. As always, they steer toward encounter to that end. On the Ha Concerts stage, they are joined by a whole host of captivating guests. Line-up tba.

Aka Moon & guests
Fabrizio Cassol (saxophone), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Fender bass), Stéphane Galland (drums), João Barradas (accordion), Adèle Viret (cello), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet), Nathan Surquin (trombone), Adrien Lambinet (trombone)

'At a time when we are quick to think that everything can be done with the snap of a finger, when we prefer the number of experiences to their quality, Aka Moon invites us to think just the opposite. To open yourself up to the world. To come together. To be fully curious.'

Aka Moon



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