aHa! Het grote Dishwasher_ dirigeerconcert

At the helm of the grooves


€ 9,1 Early Bird while supplies last (?)
€ 13 for adults
€ 8 for -12 years
€ 2,6 Uitpas reduction / EDC

Unnumbered seats - club

13:00 Doors
14:00 Concert
15:00 End

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At the helm of the grooves

With Dishwasher_, Arno Grootaers, Werend Van Den Bossche and Louise van den Heuvel make jazz for people who don't like jazz. Their love for electronic music and improvisation are the common thread throughout everything they do. In this new creation, they put the children at the helm.

A little quieter or louder? Or best to repeat something? Using agreed gestures, children determine the volume, rhythm and also the color of the music.

Who plays solo and for how long? Do we make a noise or do we play whispering and rustling? And dance and jump, or rather stand rigidly? Children are boss! 

Arno Grootaers (drums, samples), Werend Van Den Bossche ( reeds, keys, FX) and Louise van den Heuvel (bass, FX)



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