aHa! Here Comes the Sun from Mais Quelle Chanson

Popping festival finale with workshops and children's disco.

Free provided reservation


Unnumbered seats - club

13u30 Doors + children's disco in the foyer
14u workshop 1
15u workshop 2
16u workshop 3
17u15 children's choir Mais Quelle Chanson
17u45 Children's disco in the foyer
18u30 End

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Popping festival finale 

To conclude a festival week of fun and wonder, children's choir Mais Quelle Chanson is throwing a party. After all, what is a crocus vacation without dancing the night away?

In addition to a tonal moment, it is especially time to get into action yourself, with all kinds of music workshops for children. Reserve your free place on the disco dance floor!

Timings tba

All workshops are provided for ages 6 to 16. Although, of course, parents and little siblings may also participate.



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